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The three card tarot spread 

Three card tarot reading


The three card tarot spread is one of the most fundamental and versatile tarot spreads around. Used by professional readers and baby witches alike- if you’re feeling lost, it is always a great place to start. This is a simple “check in” variation I use when I’m not sure what I need to focus on, but I feel uneasy regardless and want some guidance or perspective. I find thinking of particular questions to ask your deck can sometimes hinder more than help. My ego gets lost thinking on which questions are helpful and which are not, but I trust my subconscious mind already knows the answers- with or without the question.

How I do a three card spread 

Here’s how I do it: Instead of thinking of card placements or corresponding sub questions (where card 1 answers question A, card 2 responds to question B, etc) I instead choose to channel my energy into the cards directly and allow them to respond to it organically. It feels more like a conversation than an interrogation, and so I interpret the resulting cards like the words of a sentence, or the scenes in a dream. They are all working together to tell a story with a lesson I really need to learn at the moment. Here’s what I find:



How I do my reading question-less

There is a lot of earth energy out there today and I’m not complaining! This means my energy (both good and bad) comes from the material world. Where, when, and what we spend our resources on( such as time, money, education, skill, labor, etc). The first card is the Page of Pentacles. The page cradles her coin close to her chest...She wants to plant the seed, invest the coin, but she won’t throw down her resources just ANYWHERE, despite her eagerness to get started. She wants to give herself the best start forward. The ten of pentacles suggests family and linage. Being blessed with enough abundance to provide for yourself AND lay the groundwork for those who depend on you. The page knows what’s at stake- and that her success is the foundation of the success of her descendants, just as her ancestors laid the ground work for her path today. The nine of pentacles suggests financial independence, luxury, and peacefulness after hard work. She’s on the right path, but like the gazelle she must be patient, cautious, agile, and alert, if she is to make more coins and keep them too. From this I intuit that I too am on the right path, but must remain determined and steadfast if I am to reach the desired result...and that maybe I should loosen up and enjoy the journey a bit more too. After all, the Paige clutches the coin close to her chest...but she’s smiling too. It doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience to be a useful one. 



To sum up a three card tarot reading without a question

So that’s how I go about using the Tarot to help me even when I don’t know what to ask it! But all that isn’t to imply that structured readings don’t have their place! They are invaluable tools for focused results...but it feels good to let go of the rains sometimes too. 

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