Xia Hunt

Illustrator and story teller

Born someplace dissatisfying and uninteresting, Xia Hunt is an independent writer and illustrator who hates talking in third person but loves cats, crows, comics, esoteric philosophy, mythology, and folk lore. She received her BFA in Illustration with a focus on sequential art from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco.
Her previous projects include Boom Studio's Beneath the Dark Crystal, as well as artistic contributions to Dark Horse and Lotus Press's Once Upon A Time Machine, Bone Shaker Press's Encounters with the Imaginary, and Wyrmwood’s Corrupted Tarot.
Xia currently spends her days overworked and undercaffeinated, running the grassroots tarot and occult lifestyle business you see before you. She works with her mother, sister, and dutiful husband to provide spiritual tools to help you live your most magickal life. 
As of now, she has written and illustrated two complete decks, The Children of Litha Tarot, and The Nameless One (A Tarot & Oracle Deck), as well as the latter’s comprehensive Companion Grimoire. Her future projects include finishing the Children of the Wheel Tarot series, which will consist of four decks inspired by the Pagan Wheel of the Year, of which Litha is the first installment. The next installment in this series will be The Children of Ostara, a magickal botanical themed deck focusing on plant/human relationships. The kickstarter for this deck is currently scheduled to launch March 20th 2024.