Alexandria Huntington

Illustrator and story teller

Born someplace dissatisfying and uninteresting, Alexandria Huntington is an illustrator who hates talking in third person but loves cats, comics, philosophy, mythology, and folk lore. Her total fascination with the fictional stories of early lore throughout the world continues to be a profound source of inspiration in her narrative illustrations and sequential artwork.
Alexandria received an AA in fine arts at Saddleback College and received a BFA in Illustration with a focus on sequential art at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where she was nominated for Valedictorian. 
As a student, she won an international comic illustration contest hosted by Marvel/Adobe and worked with Marvel on the Avenger's Origins Issue #1. Her first "real" job was for Henson Studios/Boom Studios to create the 12 issue series, Beneath the Dark Crystal. Her work has also been published in Dark Horses/Lotus Press's Once Upon A Time Machine, and Encounters. 

Alexandria has also embarked on many independent illustration projects of her own, including The Children of the Wheel tarot deck series (the first being the critically acclaimed and globally popular, The Children of Litha). Her most recent new project is the 108 card Tarot and Oracle deck called The Nameless One, which incorporate Sigils and positive affirmations for each card. She also wrote a companion hard-cover book and comprehensive guide to interpreting the symbolism and mythology (as well as other correspondences) captured in the artwork for The Nameless One.
Future projects include a black and white finely illustrated tarot deck with a distinctly neo-classical feel called The Opal and Onyx tarot (named after her two cats!) and the sister decks to The Children of Litha: Children of Ostara, Children of Mabon, and Children of Yule. 
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