Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hello and welcome. This page is intended to answer commonly asked questions in regards to The Children of Litha tarot deck, The Nameless One (A Tarot & Oracle Deck), work-in-progress projects by Xia Hunt, and any other queries that have been brought to our attention. If you have a question you would like to add to this list, please email me at Thank you for your support!

Where can I get "The All" and "The Void" extra tarot cards? 

This is the most commonly asked question I get. The short answer is that unfortunately, you cannot. The only way to get these cards currently is to  find a used copy of the limited gold edition Children of Litha deck for sale somewhere like ebay (or otherwise trade with/buy it from someone who owns it. (I do sell them as 6 x 9 alter cards/art prints if you are interested.) 

The long answer is that when I first launched the Kickstarter for The Children of Litha, it was my very first campaign and I was a totally unknown artist. I added The All and The Void as extra cards for the decks produced with the kickstarter funds gained by the campaign to both incentivize backers to pledge and thank them for doing so by giving them an extra special bonus. And I wanted the Gold Edition decks I made to stay special...So I made them the limited edition version of the deck (very limited it turned out...I only produced 1200 gold editions!) This decision turned these decks into a promise to my backers--a promise that they were investing their money and trust in something rare, in something special...In something limited.

When I launched the Children of Litha Tarot Kickstarter, I set out to turn my dreams into reality. That's it. To me, this deck was four years of love and labor, and I wanted to see it realized into the best possible version I could make at the time... I had no idea then that it would inspire me to create more decks, compel me to research Esoteric Philosophy with even more fervor, encourage me to engage more in the magickal community...or become  the essence my livelihood. I also had no idea how much demand there would eventually be for these two little cards. In retrospect, I wouldn't have made them limited edition, because it breaks my heart to have to turn people away empty handed...but to be true to my promise to my original backers who had faith in me, I cannot with good conscious add them to the open black edition that I sell now. HOWEVER, The Children of Litha is just 1 of a larger 8 part series called The Children of the Wheel. For each Sister deck, there will be a Limited Gold Edition with 2 extra cards, and an open Black Edition. Someday, I may release the entire collection of extra cards from the limited Gold Editions of The Children of the Wheel Series as part of an add-on oracle deck...but that will only be after all 8 decks (4 tarot and 4 Oracle) in the series have been completed.

What's the difference between the "gold" edition and the "black" edition of The Children of Litha? 

The short answer is that the gold edition has gold edges, gold foiled box and book, includes The All and The Void extra cards, and was published as a limited 1200 copy run back in 2018. The black "open" edition was created to continue selling The Children of Litha once the gold edition sold out (which I never expected to happen so quickly!). See answer above about why I chose to make the gold edition limited. The black edition does not contain the extra cards. It's a standard 78 card deck. It has a rose petal finish and black edges. It comes with a full-color guidebook in a magnetic close box and velvet pouch. You can buy it here.  

Do your decks come in different finishes? 

This is the second most common question/complaint that I get. People seem to be really divided between loving and hating the coated finish I use on The Children of Litha specifically. It has a  sort of "rose petal" silky feel that I personally love, but many people say inhibits their shuffling. First, to answer the question, as an independent artist with a small business and limited resources, I don't have the money or the space to create and house multiple versions of the same product. Second, I want to focus on creating new art and not re-issuing the same art. Third, the silky coating tends to protect the cards and art from scratches, smudges, and other such damage from daily wear and tear for longer than other coating options. Fourth, I believe in the adage "if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one." So if you do not like the silky rose petal finish on your decks, then these are just not a good fit for you. I DO plan to print my upcoming Onyx tarot on linen stock so you my like that better :)

Why are The Nameless One cards bigger than a normal tarot card?

So again, under the heading "you can't please everyone," I'll explain my rational for making The Nameless One an oversized deck. First, when I published The Children of Litha, I got a lot of feedback that the artwork was so intricate that they would like a bigger version to see it better. Second, The Nameless One does not contain any names or numbers, so the artwork is essential to interpreting and intuiting the meaning of the cards. Larger cards = greater artwork visibility. Third, the cards also feature sigils representing positive affirmations and invocations that users can copy and activate. I thought it would be easier to do that if the sigils were bigger. Fourth, I just wanted to try it! Many Oracle decks are larger than the standard tarot size... and I happen to like larger cards. Moreover, I am so sick of being asked to take up less space in the world, both as an artist and as a woman. The Nameless One is part of my response to that feeling. Fifth, two of my closest friends have smaller hands, are tarot readers, and have learned to shuffle The Nameless One perfectly well. It is simply a matter of adjustment. So, Will I ever produce this in a smaller version? Or, an ancillary question I get, will I produce it without the sigils? or with names? No. The Nameless One is how it needs to be. If you find these things make it difficult for you to connect with this deck, that's okay. It simply means that this deck is not for you.

Finally, and most importantly, while I still have the ability and imagination to create new tarot decks, that is what I will do. I would far prefer to do that than to re-release previous decks in different formats. 

What is "The Children of the Wheel" series and what tarot decks are part of it? 

Thank you for asking! Soon after I first created The Children of Litha, I had this idea for creating a different tarot deck for each of the four  pagan sabbats that land on an equinox or a solstice (Ostara, Litha, Mabon, Yule) collectively known as The Children of the Wheel series. They would all have different themes (more on that in a minute) but the same back design, edging, and finish so that they could be interchangeable. My thinking was that if, say, you didn't like the 3 of swords in The Children of Litha deck (which is hard for some to stomach), then you might prefer to swap the 3 of swords from the Children of Ostara...or Mabon...or Yule decks. In this way, you could create a fully customized deck to suit your preferences. 

Themes are: 

  • Litha - Animals, Humans, and Animal/Human hybrids
  • Ostara - Plants, Humans, and Plant/Human hybrids
  • Mabon - The "underworld" of decay with human skulls and other "as below" creatures and artifacts
  • Yule - The geologic world of stone, crystal, and mineral that forms the foundation of all life "as above" and "as below" in our experience from stardust to stardust (or snowflake to snowflake depending on your point of view!)

AND! I will also create 22-card oracle decks for the 4 remaining sabbats which would include the "extra" cards from each of the limited edition decks (e.g., The All and The Void) and some new fasces as well!.