How The Children of Litha tarot deck was conceived

Posted by Alexandria Huntington on

Hi! My name is Alexandria Huntington, and I am the creator of The Children of Litha Tarot. I am a twenty-five year old artist and illustrator based in southern California, living with my wonderful partner, our two cats, and a baby on the way! The Children of Litha Tarot has been a project three years in the making, and a personal dream of mine for even longer. Although I received my degree in sequential art (a fancy academic phrase for comic illustration!), I am also a practicing pagan and have always been fascinated by the Tarot. After building up my own substantial collection of decks, I decided to create one of my very own! The completion of this deck was a slow, and arduous process. But despite all of the struggle (and indeed, perhaps because of them), its creation has been a truly transformative, and eye-opening journey for me, both as an artist, and as a person. Having just graduated from art school, I began this project during an exciting, chaotic, and honestly quite terrifying time in my life. Every hope, fear, and ambition I held for the future was poured into this deck. Now that it's finally finished, it's astounding to think how much has changed since it began. After struggling to make a home for me and my partner in Seattle, I moved back in with my parents, working day in and day out as a freelance illustrator. What I thought were going to be major career opportunities fell through, and I was left feeling dejected, and hopeless. Indeed, during these most difficult times, it was my passion for this project that got me through. With the designing of each card, I had to search deep within myself for meaning and purpose, and with each illustration I found myself learning more and more about who I was as a person and where my true values lie. I always used Tarot as a tool for mediation and self reflection, but now that I was making my own deck I had a whole new appreciation for the art of Tarot Reading. Now that it's finally done, my boyfriend and I have moved into our own place. I've been blessed with extraordinary opportunities and actually get to use my degree and illustrate comics for a living! This deck has seen me through my highs and lows, and as I enter yet another exciting stage of my own journey, I'd love nothing more than to share its wisdom with you.

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