Calling all Tauruses! A special tarot reading just for you!

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Taurus in a nut-shell

 If you were born on April 20th to May 20th, that makes you a Taurus.  Congratulations! Taurus is the second sign in the western zodiac, one of three Earth signs, and represented by the headstrong bull. Typically, people born under this sign are dependable, hardworking, and patient when at their best, and materialistic, predictable, and stubborn when at their worst.

Reading with The Nameless One (a Tarot and Oracle deck) and The Children of Litha

These guys are easy-going and amicable for the most part, but once you find the thing a Taurus won’t budge on…well, it’s game over. When the bull digs in his heels, there is just no moving him! The word “materialistic” tends to have a negative connotation for most people, but for the Taurus, their materialism does not usually manifest as monetary greed. A Taurus wants to be comfortable much more than they want to be rich, and they see steady and stable income as a means to that end. They also take solace in the comforts of the material world and like to indulge in said comforts. Whether it be good food and drink, or a comfortable spot on the sofa or in the grass, a Taurus knows how to relax! They usually enjoy stability and community more than adventure and freedom.

Two crystals associated with the Taurus sign are the Emerald and the Rose Quartz. Metaphysically, Emeralds bring domestic bliss, inspire friendship and loyalty, keep partnerships in balance, and foster unconditional love. Rose quartz meanwhile helps heal and soothe, promote forgiveness and empathy, and enhance just about any kind of love, but especially self-love, and familial love. These two gems both speak to the gentle bull’s kind and loving heart, and their need to have stable, loving relationships. Tauruses make practical partners and are relatively simple and straightforward with their needs. They dislike conflict and will go to great lengths to ensure that their partners are happy. But do not forget about that stubborn streak! No matter how much a Taurus loves you, if you cross one of those boundaries, you should not expect to get a concession any time soon. Tauruses hold grudges prolifically and hate being wrong. It takes a lot of work to get on a mellow Taurus’s bad side, but if you do, you’ll likely be stuck there for quite some time.

The Children of Litha tarot reading for Taurus (unrevealed)

When it comes to Tarot, Taurus rules the Hierophant, which speaks mainly to the Taurus’s love of, and trust in, community, and their appreciation for defined and established social structures. As a member of the Court, The Queen of Coins typically embodies the gentle and loving energy of Taurus.

A May 2020 Tarot reading for all you Taurus out there!

Now that you know the basics of what makes a Taurus, you know that this is THEIR season, and to celebrate, I have done a little tarot reading JUST for them!

I know Taurus season actually started April 20th, so I’m a little late...sorry about that. However, you lot are all so easy going so I’m sure you will forgive me.

The Children of Litha tarot reading for Taurus (revealed)

The short of it is that you guys have been sparking ideas and receiving moments of clarity throughout these last few weeks that are now subtly influencing your life. The Ace of Swords acts as a harbinger of mental clarity, and her presence in this spread indicates you have realized some things about yourself and your priorities lately. She encourages you to speak your truth- even if only to yourself - whatever it is, for in so doing, you will find your victory.

Many of you are trying to balance letting things go and holding on to the sentimentality of the past. You know things have changed, and you struggle with the odd feeling that you may be enjoying this new stay-at-home change of pace a little more than you feel you should, or are expected to. A part of you is tempted to continue reveling in the luxuries of home-stuck indulgence and lazy day afternoons...but another part of you knows this is not realistic, nor healthy.

The Two of Coins suggest your primary concern stems from juggling a work-life balance. But right now, the scales seem to be indicating you are losing a little focus/motivation on the “work” side of things. Just like the tenacious mountain goat, you have a desire to make it up that mountain! You have goals, plans, ideas. However, it can be hard to muster the motivation to start or continue the trek, especially when it seems like that mountain isn’t going anywhere, and can’t you get to it later? Well, maybe that attitude works for a bit, but eventually, either your will erodes, or the mountain does. Try not to wait until then.

The Devil in this reading indicates a desire to stay bound to your earthly pleasures. You seek solace in these comfortable and familiar indulgences, even if that is not what the development of your best self necessitates. Victory favors the brave, and you miss most opportunities for bravery if you stay safely shut away from your ambition. I know the state of the world doesn’t encourage a lot of action right now, but there are plenty of things you can do. Try not to make too many excuses for yourself. You have everything you need to succeed. You are hardworking and dependable for everyone else; you can be that for yourself as well.

The Eight of Cups and the reversed Six of Cups speak to this in more detail. You may be battling with a wave of heavy nostalgia, wanting to live in the past, and let go of the future. Your easygoing nature makes this temptation much harder to resist, and with the way things have been going lately, the world seems eager to indulge you. Do not let it. Dreams are nice, but in the end, we must wake up. Life is going to start speeding up again soon, and you may want to make sure you have not lost your stamina in the meantime. Try exercising, getting some work done, or starting a personal project. At the very least, call someone who misses you and try to be as present as possible for the conversation. You need to let go of the desire to let go and get back in the game!

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