Water Witch’s Talismanh

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Water Witch Talisman

Materials: Electroformed (in copper) natural shell, black tourmaline & labradorite  


Introducing my new Water Witch Talisman! For any witch who longs for the water…this talisman is made of a real shell, electroformed in copper, with a black tourmaline point at the top and a flashy labradorite on it’s face.

Called by some the Shaman Stone, labradorite is said to enhance intuition and psychic power while shielding from psychic or spiritual malice. It’s bright colorful flash appears only when the light hits it, representing the power and beauty offered by our inner depths when we work to shine the light of conscious awareness inward.

Black tourmaline is known to be one of the most spiritually and psychically protective stones. It is a transmute negative energy into positive energy, and creates a shield protecting one’s aura from malicious influence. Particularly useful for empaths and those with prominent water placements, as their compassion and empathy tends to come with a propensity to absorb another person’s emotional toxicity, sometimes without their awareness.


This piece comes on a long cooper chain with hand wire beaded labradorite beads in either side. 

 * PLEASE NOTE: The gemstones  in this piece are very lovely, but lighting and differences in camera or monitor settings may affect the color shown in pictures. These materials and gemstones are natural and have been lovingly crafted by mother earth, so small imperfections are to be celebrated and accepted. Please feel free to email me with any questions!

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