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Introducing The New Moon’s Bounty collection! These beautiful offerings are made using the highest quality natural white moonstone, Kyanite and Sterling Silver. These  pieces seem to glow like ethereal moon-lit treasures.

Can be bought individually or as a set. We have two “mini malas” that can slip over the head, and rest at about the top of the sternum, one chocker with a sterling silver clasp. All the necklaces are hand knotted by me, with with a pure silk cord, and made with love, attention Nd intention. Each knot is a friendly little spell all on its own.   accompanying these are two beautifully bold large gemstone rings in sterling silver. The large tear drop shaped Kyanite is a size 9, and the white-flash moonstone is a size 7.5.

I am in love with the way the deep blues of these flashy Kyanite stones.

Blue Kyanite: This amazing stone is said to aid in attunement between spirit, body, mind, and emotion, therefore aiding in soul-searching and meditation. It enables tranquility and stimulates psychic power and intuition. It is believed to help spiritual energy manifest through thought which allows one to connect and communicate with spirit guides as well as their own deeper sense of knowing, or higher self. Kyanite is not believed to hold any negativity, so it never requires cleansing. Some people even say it can cleanse the aura and other stones around it.

I love the combination of moonstone and kyanite both for its aesthetics, and also for their paired metaphysical abilities.

Moonstone: This ethereal gem is a favorite among the Witches, the Shaman, the Mystics, the Healers and the romantics alike. It is also a stone of enhancing intuition, and connecting wold the inner world of Self, particularly through dreams. It is protective, particularly for travelers, women, and children, and it is said to bring luck and restore calm, during times of intense emotional stress. It helps one access their inner receptive principal, becoming more aware of their emotions as well as the emotional wavelengths of those around the, without becoming overwhelmed. It promotes emotional intelligence, compassion, and understanding of both the self and others.

The 8 pointed star on the first mini-mala necklace represents infinite potential, manifestation, and prophecy. 8 is the 4 elements spanning into the 4 cardinal directions—infinite scope, infinite power. Often it is connected with powerful goddesses such as Ishtar, Inana and Venus, representing dominion over and balance of heaven and earth, love and war, morality and immortality.

the moonstone teardrop on the second mini mala represents the revitalization and renewal possible only through intense, intentional, exploration and self-acceptance of The Emotional Inner Realm of Self. The bounty found through the dark forest of self is the proverbial fountain of youth—the inner waters of imagination, immortality, universal consciousness and connection. The tear drop symbolizes the water that evaporates into the upper consciousness of thought, and descends to the material world of mundane world as the rain that revitalizes and restores our divine purpose and sense of self. 


* PLEASE NOTE: The moonstones are difficult to capture with a camera. They are beautiful and subtle stones. Additionally, lighting and camera may affect the color shown. These are natural gemstones lovingly crafted by mother earth, so small imperfections are to be celebrated and accepted. Please feel free to email me with any questions!

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