The Green Sage mini Mala set

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☀️The Green Sage mini Mala SET🌙


Materials: Natural gemstones (light green, orange, and sage green jade  & carved ligjt green jade focal bead) hand-knotted with 100% pure green silk, and solid sterling silver accents beads.


A personal de-stash, this beautiful mini mala is the perfect size for everyday wear. Gentle tones and a superb carved focal bead, this mala is a personal favorite. This listing includes the necklace AND the three matching bracelets. 


What are malas?

Malas, also called mantra beads, meditation beads, or Buddhist prayer beads, are spiritual tools used to count intentions, prayers, mantras, or breaths during periods of focused meditation. They consist of 108 beads, not including the meru or “mountain” bead (also referred to as the “guru bead”) at the end.

This last bead is usually the largest and signifies the beginning and end of the counting process and meditative session. Focusing on the Meru bead before and after meditation is a way to pay respect to the personal teachers or gurus we have been blessed with throughout our life, but it also helps us stay grounded. It reminds us to remain humble as we seek out our innate connection to the True Teacher to which we are all connected: the divine, creative, universal, energy of life itself.

traditionally, malas are made up of 108 beads, but this creates a very long necklace.  For those of us who like a shorter style, this variation is ideal. Made up of 66 beads, this mala resonates with peace, love, and healing. 6 is considered a perfect number is numerology, representing love, harmony, happiness, and perfection. 66 reduces to 12, which again reduces to 3, which is another spiritually powerful number, symbolizing creation, and the merging of the divine spirit and the material substance into a third which possesses both. 

symbolism, inspiration, and metaphysical properties:

The tarot card taken next to The Green Sage Mala is the Hierophant from my upcoming tarot deck, The Children of Ostara (set to launch via kickstarter march 19th 2024, sign up to be notified when it launches here: )

The Hierophant in this deck is a Sage— simultaneously depicting the
 plant and as an archetype! The ancient Romans had a saying: “why should a man grow old or sick when he has sage growing in his garden?” In addition to its culinary uses, all types of sage (even common garden sage) are laden with magical and medicinal properties.

Sage is said to clear the air of any negative or stagnant energy when burned, ensure a long life (some even say immortality), promote wisdom, counter the evil eye, draw in wealth, and aid in healing of all kinds. As a pope or priest figure, the hierophant is meant to act as a bridge between heaven and earth, as well as a teacher to his community for how to walk the good and righteous path.

Meant to bring wealth and wisdom to his community via charity and education, the hierophant represents the zodiac sign Taurus, and is benefic by nature, which is reflected in his planetary ruler, Venus. Ideally, he respects and upholds tradition, but is not bound to it. He is a conduit for divine good, and must maintain a community-oriented mindset.

Meanwhile, jade is a stone which can help him achieve just that! It is a talisman of wisdom and tradition, but also love, peace, and healing. Like the hierophant and sage, it too promotes wisdom and protects against evil. It is considered a gentle healer, bringing a soothing sense of peace and oneness to its wearer. It is said to help prevent health problems, prolong life, and attract wealth.




All the malas here at Xia Hunt Studios I have made by hand, using personally selected, top quality, all-natural gemstones, which were imbued with intention during the knotting process. The thread is 100% natural genuine silk. They come in a beautiful pouch, with a handwritten thank you to show my appreciation for your support. Please know that these malas are made with love, attention, and intention. They are made to last.

Rest assured knowing that if for any reason your mala breaks or is damaged, you can send it back to me and I will repair it for you free of charge. You handle the shipping, and I will handle the rest. ( This includes replacing any damaged gemstones and reknotting the mala using new silk if needed.)

Blessed be,

- Xia


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