Judgement of Night and Day Talismans

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Judgement of Night & Day Talismans

Materials: Electroformed (in copper) natural amethyst cluster, lilac amethyst cabochon, clear quartz point (night)

  Electroformed (in copper) natural Aragonite cluster, vibrant SunStone cabochon, Dragon’s Blood point (Day)


These beautiful, hand made talismans are one of a kind!  Left: Judgement of Night, Right: Judgement of Day. These wonderfully bold pieces are made of beautiful all natural gemstones electroformed in copper. Meant to aid in accessing the Divine Judgment of our Higher Self, these talismans help us to love where we are, without loosing sight of where we want to go.

Judgement of Night is adorned with an amethyst cluster atop a clear quartz point with a beautiful lilac amethyst at its center. Held on a long copper chain w/ hand-wired amethyst beads.

👉Clear quartz is a natural healer and amplifier of energy. Like dreams, it can shift and change it’s energy with just a bit of focused mental/emotional direction, allowing one to program it to fit any need.
👉Amethyst meanwhile is a wonderfully spiritual stone, helping to promote relaxation, good sleep, psychic awareness, and intuition, as well as imparting the virtues of temperance and prudence to its wearer. Perfect for calming the mind and allowing one to see clearly while making decisions and receiving the sometimes unclear messages from the higher self.

Judgement of Day uses a Dragon’s bloodstone point as it’s base, with a beautiful sparkling sunstone at it’s center, and a unique Aragonite cluster at the top. Hung on a copper chain with hand-wired sunstone beads.

👉 Argonite is said to slow developments that are happening to quickly, giving one time to adjust and respond in a healthy way new situations It is also helps stabilize any imbalances within the self, so that one can see clearly and react from a place of thoughtfulness, instead of instinct.
👉 dragon’s bloodstone is known as a stone of courage, and allows one to gain access to their inner strength. He brings warmth and excitement to his wearer, as well as offering physical protection and warding off / banishing malicious spirits / energies.
👉 sunstone imparts both joy and clarity. Because of its close link to the sun, Sunstone is said to help enhance clairvoyance as well as drive vitality, and motivation.

The tarot cards used here are from The Children of Litha (available in shop) and The Children of Ostara (coming March 19)
* PLEASE NOTE: The gemstones  in this piece are very lovely, but it is difficult to capture some if their nuances with a camera. Additionally, lighting and differences in camera or monitor settings may affect the color shown in pictures. These materials and gemstones are natural and have been lovingly crafted by mother earth, so small imperfections are to be celebrated and accepted. Please feel free to email me with any questions!

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