Gemstone Astrology Dice (Set of 3, 12-sided divination dice)

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These are premium gemstone dice sets, which include 3, 12-sided astrology dice made of natural clear Crystal Quartz, Black Onyx, Black/White Banded Agate, or limited edition Bloodstone. They are all engraved and painted with a metallic gold finish.

The first die has engraved the 12 zodiac signs, the second has the 12 houses, and the third has the 10 Astrological celestial bodies plus the north and south nodes.

These Astrology Dice have become a regular in my divination toolbox, and are ideal for pin-pointing areas of focus as well as clarifying matters of timing. These come protected in a free velvet pouch with an instructional leaflet to aid beginners. 

Please note: These are made of authentic, high-quality gemstones. Therefore, there is a lot of natural variation in the colors and may not look exactly like the pictures. 

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