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Flipping coins and rolling dice are among the oldest (and most casual) forms of divination the world over. Every time you flip a coin to decide who does what, or if you should do it at all, you’re letting the forces of the universe inform you or your decision making...that’s divination! Take it one step further with these beautiful, custom lucky coins!  They are 1.5” and much thicker than a regular coin. They come in a variety of metal finishes and six different styles, with more styles in development!

1. Sol/Luna (sun and moon)

(Sol represents ego, illumination, clarity, logic, rulership,  and projective or controlling energies. Luna represents sub, consciousness, obscurity, imagination, intuition, and receptive, or nurturing energies. in a “yes or no” reading, sol would be a “yes”, and Luna would be “no”.)

2. Crow/Ouroboros

(Crow represents liberation, communication, flight/ travel, freedom, and divination and elevated sight/ perspective. The ouroboros represents the rings that connect us with each other in the world around us, cycles, immortality, and magic.)

3. Fox/Hare

(the fox represents cleverness, resourcefulness, independence, opportunism, manifestation, manipulation, and predatory tendencies. The hair represents fear, sweetness, meekness, adaptation, swiftness, and prey tendencies.

4. Eye/Heart

(the eye represents consciousness, thought, intellect, the mind, while the heart represents emotions, love and relationships.)

5. Scythe/Harvest

(the scythe represents work (especially that which is grueling or difficult) sickness, anxiety, illness, dead-lines and death. Harvest represents inheritance, abundance, the product of Hard work, success, and perseverance. )

6. Star/Crossroads

(the star represents hope, outside help, a knowing of where one is going and where one has been , spiritual or ancestral guidance, understanding, peace, wishes fulfilled, compassion, contentment, while the crossroads represents a choice, confusion, potential, overwhelm , chaos, change, and the personal power by which we prevail. 

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