Custom Sigil - **CUSTOM ORDER ONLY**

Custom Sigil - **CUSTOM ORDER ONLY**

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A sigil is a symbol of power that one makes to aid them (or their clients) in manifesting their desires into reality. There are many different ways to make and use Sigils. So what I'm about to tell you is but one path of many. Still, as far as I am concerned, the sigils I make (and thus the ones in The Nameless One (A Tarot& Oracle Deck), are symbols made with a specific meaning & energy drawn from a positive affirmation. By copying the sigil from the card, while focusing on that affirmation, one can trap and then harness its energy to help them manifest a desire that resonates with the sigil's meaning.  

Copying a Sigil from The Nameless One

After copying the symbol onto a separate piece of paper, one can then "release" its power into the universe by "charging" and "activating" it. This will help turn the tides of fate in your favor. There are a lot of different ways to do this, but my preference is to stare intently at the paper until the image blurs and creates a sort of "afterimage", to charge it. Alternatively, I will rub the paper quickly in both hands until it becomes warm. After, I typically burn the paper (while exercising proper fire safety procedures and while in a safe & calm environment) and focus on my desire as I watch the flames consume the symbol to activate it...But it depends on the sigil's purpose. If it were about love and relationships, I might use water or ritual oil to blur the sigil or bury it with some seeds in the yard etc. Some prefer to charge & activate their sigils completely by using visualization techniques. Some will draw the sigil on their bodies, or carry it on their person in a pocket or pouch. One is encouraged to experiment and find something that works well for them.  

Burning a copied sigil from The Nameless One

I will work with you to create a sigil for your specific affirmation and hand-draw it on watercolor paper, suitable for framing. 

**NOTE: Please email with your sigil affirmation or idea after placing the order and I will discuss it with you. There may be a waitlist, please reach out with any questions. **

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