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A ground-breaking new fully-illustrated, 108-card, large format deck combining tarot, sigil, oracle, mythology, folklore, & visual narrative. Includes the full-color, hard-copy comprehensive guidebook/art book with over 700 pages of informative content and beautiful artwork. 

Instead of titles, each card possesses a unique, hand-crafted sigil forged from an affirmation based on the traditional tarot card's positive aspects. This allows one the ability to utilize this deck in countless ways. As each reader seeks to find Truth, so too will they undoubtedly find a special bond with their Nameless cards as they learn techniques and methodologies that suit their specific and individual needs. 


  • 108 fully illustrated cards (78 that represent the traditional tarot card; 22 Oracle cards of my own creation, and an additional 8 cards that were added from Kickstarter backers who pledged for custom Sigils to carry their own unique affirmations).  
  • Custom large format size - Dramatic, striking, & unlike any other. The cards in this deck are approximately 89 x 146 mm (3.5 x 5.75 inches) in size. As there are no words, numbers, or titles printed anywhere on the cards, this size ensures the complete attention and focus of the unconscious mind, as it allows us a clear and unobstructed view of the images on display. The messages rest purely in the visual symbolism depicted in each illustration. 
  • High-quality card stock - 350GSM. Just the right thickness & durability to stand the test of time.
  • Matte finish - protective and smooth to the touch, this finish helps protect the cards & avoid fingerprints & smudges. 
  • Black edges - Classy & timeless, with an aura of mystery.
  • White gold foil "signature sigil" on the back of the cards and on the box. 
  • A sturdy magnate close book-box with black ribbon tie - to hold, secure, and protect your cards. The magnetic closure AND ribbon ensure that one can secure the deck box tightly shut, enabling the reader on the go to place their deck in a bag, backpack, or purse, and rest easy knowing  that the box will keep the cards inside safe, together, and intact inside the box with little to no chance of spilled or bent cards.
  • The comprehensive companion grimoire is  over 700 pages of informative content and high-quality illustrations. It contains full descriptions of every card, including the traditional tarot meanings, the affirmation that the sigil represents, and a detailed explanation of the symbolism and influences that inspired the artwork. It also includes over a dozen unique tarot spreads. Additionally, it provides quick reads as well as the card's correspondences to numerology, mythology, astrology, and much more. Linen cover with foil design on the cover and spine. Comes in a sturdy protective box sleeve with the Nameless One signature sigil printed in foil. 6.5 lbs, 12 x 9 x 2" dim

 The entire contents of this book and tarot deck, images (including book cover and box) and text, copyright protected (c) Alexandria Huntington 2020 - 2021. All Rights Reserved.