Mini Spell-Jar Pendants

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Mini Spell-jar Pendants 


Perfect for Beltane, these adorable mini spell jar pendants would go well with just about any they are tiny and therefore perfect for those of us who may like to be (or have to be) a little more subtle about our craft!

New spell offerings coming soon!

please note: These are all handmade to order. I try to create them during auspicious astrological times that resonate with the intended spell whenever possible. For example, I like to make spells about love or luxury on Fridays, or during a waxing moon in Libra or Taurus, as Venus, the planet of love & luxury, rules these). Because of this, orders with spell jars often ship out later than other orders. 

How are these prepared?

Each spell jar is hand-made by me, at my altar. I light an incense that energetically matches the intended spell and cleanse each of the materials. 

Each spell jar contains a special salt as a purifying and protective base, a plant /flower component, and gemstone chips, all attuned to their magickal purpose.

All spell ingredients are 100% natural.

The salt base will be either black volcanic salt, pink Himalayan salt, or grape-infused purple salt.

The flowers are either rose, blue cornflower, jasmine, sunflower, pink heather, pink peony, yarrow, hydrangea, marigold, sage, pine, rosemary, or lavender.

The gemstone chips are either Garnet, Rose quartz, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Citrine, Tiger's eye, Moonstone, Labradorite, Yellow topaz, Fluorite, Red jasper, Sodalite, or Peridot. 

Each will come with a personal little "spell card" explaining the properties of each ingredient, and the intention of the spell as a whole.


Spell List

PLEASE NOTE: Spells are NOT to be used instead of professional medical advice/ treatment or common sense. Use spells "in combination with", not "instead of". Also, you will receive additional info about your spell upon purchase included in your order. 

1) Peace and Protection

2) Intuition and Cosmic Connection

3) Luck and Wealth

4) Beauty and Abundance

5) Courage and Compassion

6) Perseverance and Passion

7)  Harmony and Happiness

8) Health and Healing

9)  Love & Romance

10) Joy & Serendipity 

11) "Surprise Me!" (For specialty or custom orders) 



Measurements: The bottle is 2/3 an inch (17mm) at its widest point, and 11/4 an inch (27mm) tall, without the cork. The chains are a beautiful gold color, and come 18" long, but can easily be resized upon request

CUSTOM REQUESTS: Please select The "surprise me!" option for a custom jar made/ chosen intuitively for you! Please note, there may be a slight delay in shipping if I have to make one from scratch and/or order more jars. 

Please note: Special requests are accepted, email me with your request! Custom requests of a specific nature can also be ordered but may be more expensive depending on the ingredients chosen. If interested, please email me or DM me through Instagram (@xiahunt) 

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