Crow & Skull Moon Sticker

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Crow & Skull Moon Sticker


Crows and Ravens have always possessed an aura of mystery, elegance, and hidden knowledge, which has captivated and sometimes terrified the humans around them. Although Crows can be symbols of misfortune and death, they also represent intelligence, destiny, magick, flexibility, resourcefulness, and psychic abilities. In Greek mythology, Crows are a symbol of prophecy and act as messengers of the gods, specifically Apollo, god of logic, reason, poetry, art, medicine, plague, and (thanks to his conflation with the original sun god, the Titian Helios) prophecy as well. According to Myth, Apollo sent the then white crow to spy on one of his cheating lovers. When the crow returned with the news of their betrayal, Apollo scorched the poor messenger with all the fury of the Sun, forever tainting her once pure white feathers black with the burden of knowledge.


This listing is for one (1) die-cut, clear backed, high quality, vinyl, weatherproof, fade-resistant, sticker bearing A Crow perched upon a human skull in front of a crescent moon. This Sticker has a transparent back.

Measurements: 2.78" x 3"

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