Moonlit Dragonfly

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🌙The Moonlit Dragon Fly🐉


Materials: Natural gemstones (labradorite, rainbow moonstone, grey moonstone) electroformed in cooper


 New talisman drop! All natural labradorite and grey moonstone electroformed in copper! No dragonflies were used in the making of this pendant lol it was made from metal from the start!

moonstone is a gem of intuition, imagination, transformation, and protection. Associated with the moon and receptive energies, it is said to protect the one wearing it, particularly during travel, as well as draw in love and enhance psychic awareness and dream recall.

Labradorite, the darker cousin of Moonstone, is also a stone of transformation and psychic awareness. Sometimes referred to as the shaman stone, labradorite is perhaps the best stone for psychic protection and empowerment. It’s subtle yet striking rainbow reflection is brought out by the light, helping us to embrace our own uniqueness and power for the betterment of all.

dragonflies are often symbols of perseverance, strength, and transformation. A symbol of immortality and regeneration. It ever moving iridescent wings represent elevated intellect, swiftness, and the embrace currents of change with grace.

Blessed be,

- Xia


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