Fairy Guardian Talismans

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Introducing The Fairy Guardian Talismans! These ethereal electroform beauties are made on Fairy Aura Quartz points, adorned with a moonstone in the middle, and a clear quartz sphere on top. They come with long chains that have 5 Fairy Aura quartz beads on either side.

 These Fairy Aura Crystal points are the perfect jewels to complement the upcoming Children of Ostars Tarot. The cards shown next to them are, from left to right: The Ace of Cups (White lotus), The Moon (Moonflower vine) and The Chariot (Blue Irises and crimson and white Camellias). The Children of Ostara Tarot is set to launch THIS Ostara, March 19th 2024…link to pre launch page is here: 



Aura Quartz is made by modern alchemy in a process that electrostatically bonds precious metals onto the surface of natural Clear Quartz points or clusters, creating a dream like layer of ethereal color. It is a permanent bond that represents the synergy of man’s will with the beauty of the natural world, and is believed to intensify the properties of the original elements and  bring forth a unique array of subtle energies all it’s own. It awakens the magickal within oneself, helping one access their ability to dream, imagine, and inspire to the fullest. It helps expand consciousness and heal spiritual wounds.

Moonstone is a 100% natural stone with an iridescent blue flash that has captivated the imagination of man throughout the centuries. Associated with receptive, classically-called “feminine”, energy, moonstone helps us to embrace our intuition, strengthen our psychic awareness, and protect us during spiritual and physical travel.

Clear quartz is called “the master healer”, and is able to be programmed via visualization and meditation to replace any stone and be used for any purpose.it enhances the positive energies of anything that it is near, and is a corner stone of any witch’s jewel and gem box.



* PLEASE NOTE: The moonstones are difficult to capture with a camera. They are beautiful and subtle stones. Additionally, lighting and camera may affect the color shown. These are natural gemstones lovingly crafted by mother earth, so small imperfections are to be celebrated and accepted. Please feel free to email me with any questions!

chains can be remade to specific lengths upon request! 

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