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These divination mats are lavishly illustrated, double-sided, side sewn, and ideal for tarot, oracle, pendulum readings, and more! High quality mats made of thick, soft neoprene which is durable, rollable, and sure to stand the test of time.

Astrology Wheel Mat - 18 x 18" mat that features an emblem for each sign of the zodiac, as well as its star constellation next to it. The back is the same design but black and white, for those who want the colors of their cards or divination tools to shine brightest--but still want a mysterious backdrop to set the mood. 

Charm Casting Mat - 30"x22" mat that is double-sided, with a white on black design which is then split into sections and labeled with the areas of our lives (Decay, wealth, labor, life, love, growth, spirit, self, hearth, health) which is an ideal surface for charm, bone, and rune casting. The reverse side is the same design but black on white and unlabeled, which is ideal for tarot and oracle spreads. This mat also comes with a free booklet that includes instructions and recommendations for using this mat as a divination tool.

Children of Litha Themed Mat - 18"x18" mat that perfectly complements its namesake, The Children of Litha, my first tarot deck. Its front side is identical to the first Children of Litha tarot cloth design (since discontinued) on this upgraded material. On the back is a new updated design with the subtle white border shared by the cards. 

The Nameless One Themed Mat - 30"x22" mat is double-sided, with a design matching and inspired by The Nameless One (A Tarot & Oracle Deck). The front shows the Nameless One signature Sigil, which was made to energetically enhance the power and accuracy of The Nameless One cards. Surrounding that is an intricate Victorian-inspired filigree border from which Death-head-hawk moths subtly emerge from the four corners. On the back remains an elegant motif of wispy shapes subtly repeating against a deep black/violet backdrop that one may find more compatible with decks other than The Nameless One and offer a more austere surface for readers who prefer something a little simpler.

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