Sol & Luna Lucky Divination Coin

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Sol & Luna Lucky Divination Coin

Flipping coins and rolling dice are among the oldest (and most casual) forms of divination the world over. Every time you flip a coin to decide who does what, or if you should do it at all, you’re letting the forces of the universe inform you or your decision making...that’s divination! Take it one step further with these beautiful Sol (sun) & Luna (moon) lucky coins!  They are 1.5” each and much thicker than a regular coin. Note: this item is one (1) double-sided coin in either silver or gold metal.



Traditionally, the sun and moon have come to symbolize the great binary opposites: yes/no; masculine/feminine; hot/cold; active/passive; known/unknown;  the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Although life does not always operate using such strict binaries, the belief of most occult (and even religious and philosophical beliefs) often boils down to combining these two opposing forces into perfect equilibrium. You can tap into these two ancient symbols to inform your next arbitrary (or-not-so-arbitrary) coin flip. ;) 

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