Jeepers Creepers Electroformed Bug Labradorite/Moonstone Necklaces

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These whimsical little insect necklaces don't bug me a bit! They are stunning with their shiny electroformed bodies embellished with super flashy labradorite or moonstone cabachons. Each is handmade, one-of-a-kind, and completely unique. There's a variety of little buggers to choose from. 

Labradorite - Often referred to as “The Shaman’s stone” it helps us reach into our deeper and more intuitive selves. It also promotes strength and perseverance- especially during times of change and transformation. It is said to raise spiritual awareness while keeping its owner grounded. 

Moonstone - Helps boost intuition, creativity, and promotes balance and harmony. It is said to help people see things more clearly and protect those who wear it though both spiritual and physical travel, especially through our emotional and subconscious realms.  

Measurements: Pendants measure approximately 2" tall and 1.5" at the widest part of the hoop. They are on black onyx and copper rosary chain 16" long. 

* PLEASE NOTE: The gemstones  in this piece are very lovely, but it is difficult to capture sone if their nuances with a camera. Additionally, lighting and differences in camera or monitor settings may affect the color shown in pictures. These materials and gemstones are natural and have been lovingly crafted by mother earth, so small imperfections are to be celebrated and accepted. Please feel free to email me with any questions!