Infinity Dancer Talisman (series 2)

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Infinity Dancers Talisman series 

These talismans necklaces are made with a focal gemstone placed in the center of two hoops that form an infinity loop♾ with a hand dyed sari silk tassel are the end. This recycled and beautiful material is 100% silk, which we have burned at the edges to prevent fraying and invoke the element fire-linked to our passion and instinctual drives. From left to right, these are:

✨ 1)  “Infinite Wisdom” is made from flashy blue/amber/violet Labradorite pendant on a wire-wrapped chain with faceted Labradorite beads with a beautiful coral/moss/amber/violet silk tassel. Labradorite is a highly spiritual stone, which helps to ground and protect us as we explore spiritual realms and deep inner wisdoms.  

✨2) “Infinite Light” is made from a deep golden-yellow Heliodore pendant, with a sari silk tassel of blues and yellows that evokes a summer sky. It's on a wire-wrapped chain that features golden Heliodore beads. The name Heliodore comes from the Greek words helios, which means sun, and doron, which means gift. Heliodor will radiate the power and the warmth of the sun into your life. It will illuminate your mind so that you will become centered, and it will fill you with warm and loving energies so that you will shine bright

✨3) "Speaker of Truth" is slightly different than the others in this series. The central amazonite pendant is embellished with an electroformed flower and a simple blue and yellow silk tassel. It's on a wire-wrapped chain with blue Amazonite beads. Amazonite empowers us to speak our truth, and helps facilitate eloquent and effective communication. It helps us to set and maintain personal boundaries, and attracts luck. 

✨4) "Infinite Protector" is made with a Bird's Eye Jasper pendant with a sari silk tassel in muted shades of gold, beige, and blue. It's on a wire-wrapped chain with red Tiger's Eye beads, which are great for protection. Bird's Eye Jasper allows one to see the bigger picture of a situation. This type of jasper assists in communication bringing clarity to what is being said. This is a stone of protection, regeneration and general healing.

✨5) "Infinite Healer" is made with a semi-transparent green Moss Agate pendant with a sari silk tassel in muted shades of green and purple. It's on a wire-wrapped chain with Moss Agate beads. Throughout history and all cultures, Moss Agate has been known as the crystal of gardeners and agriculture. It was considered a miraculous healing stone for tribal priests , and was used as a talisman to make warriors strong and victorious in battle.

✨6) (not pictured) "Infinite Vitality" is made with a Ruby Zoisite pendant with a sari silk tassel in muted shades of green and purple. It's on a wire-wrapped chain with Ruby  Zoisite beads. Ruby zoisite combines the energy of both stones. Ruby on its own is a stone of passion and vitality and strengthens the root charka. Green zoisite is stone of healing, restoration, and joy, helping to stimulate and balance the heart chakra. Brought together, these two properties combine to form a powerful stone for restoring vitality to the physical and emotional body..




* PLEASE NOTE: The gemstones in these pieces are all very pretty, but it is difficult to capture the nuance and flash of each stone with a camera. Additionally, lighting and camera may affect the color shown. These are natural gemstones lovingly crafted by mother earth, so small imperfections are to be celebrated and accepted. Please feel free to email me with any questions!