Fox/Hare Lucky Divination Coins

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Fox/Hare Lucky Divination Coins


Flipping coins and rolling dice are among the oldest (and most casual) forms of divination the world over. Every time you flip a coin to decide who does what, or if you should do it at all, you’re letting the forces of the universe inform you or your decision making...that’s divination! Take it one step further with these beautiful Fox and Hare lucky coins!  They are 1.5” each and much thicker than a regular coin. They come in a copper or silver metal.


The fox represents cleverness, opportunism, manifestation, and resourcefulness and has a sunny, masculine energy. While The Hare represents swiftness, fertility, luck, and subtly, it has a more subtle and moon-lit feminine energy. I think these two will be very fun to use for divination, as well as little familiar's tokens. They are also based on The Magician and The 10 of Coins cards in The Nameless One (a Tarot & Oracle Deck)

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