Crow/Ouroboros Lucky Divination Coin

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Crow/Ouroborus Lucky Divination Coin


Flipping coins and rolling dice are among the oldest (and most casual) forms of divination the world over. Every time you flip a coin to decide who does what, or if you should do it at all, you’re letting the forces of the universe inform you or your decision making...that’s divination! Take it one step further with these beautiful Fox and Hare lucky coins!  They are 1.5” each and much thicker than a regular coin. They come in a copper or silver metal.


These two have a very classic and mystical feel to them...The crow in flight represents happiness, liberation, courage, wisdom, prophecy, visions, and messages or communication. The ouroboros as a symbol represents cycles, life, death, and immorality, but being a snake they are grounded creatures and therefore make a wonderful contrast the soaring crow. it represents the rings of life and fate that connect us all.

These coins are based off of cards in The Nameless One (a Tarot & Oracle Deck)


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