The Aries Talisman/Alter piece - Crystal Point & Amethyst Cluster - Electroform Copper

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The Aries Talisman/Crystal Alterpiece

This is truly a stunning piece, featuring an electroformed Ram with Emerald eyes atop a beautiful clear crystal point. His copper mane is hand-sculpted and crowed with a gorgeous Amethyst cluster. It’s quite heavy, perhaps better suited as an altarpiece or a wall hanging, however I have crafted a chain of hand wire-wrapped Amethyst nuggets alternating with round Amethyst beads and copper bead caps.  

This talisman is an interesting study of the duality of power and protection, bringing it’s keeper the courage, strength, and power of the Ram, tempered with the self-control, inner wisdom, and tranquility of Amethyst, all eletroformed in copper with an antique patina.

Ram – This piece is named The Aries Talisman, in reference to the ram being the symbol of the astrological sign Aries, which is itself named after the Greek god of courage and war. In mythology and lore, the ram has been long associated with power, courage, determination, and strength, as well as virility, energy, and lust.

Amethyst is well known for promoting calmness, tranquility, and sobriety. It encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom, facilitates out-of-body experiences, and helps overcome insomnia, nightmares, sleep paralysis, and anxiety.

Emeralds ensure loyalty, promote abundance, and strengthens prophecy, truth, and intuition.

Clear quartz is considered the universal healer, amplifying all the healing properties of the stones surrounding it. It can also be programmed more easily for specific purposes, and helps us focus our intentions. 


Measurements: The Talisman is just over 5" long and 3" wide at the widest point. The chain is adjustable to a total length of 28”.  

* PLEASE NOTE: The gemstones in this piece are very lovely, but it is difficult to capture some if their nuances with a camera. Additionally, lighting and differences in camera or monitor settings may affect the color shown in pictures. These materials and gemstones are natural and have been lovingly crafted by mother earth, so small imperfections are to be celebrated and accepted. Please feel free to email me with any questions!