Current Projects

Since graduating from The Academy of Art University (AAU) in San Francisco in 2016, I've been working full time as a freelance illustrator.

Currently, my big  project is for Jim Henson Studios' "Beneath the Dark Crystal" 12-issue comic book series. (you can see it here and of course, there is The Children of Litha Tarot, my first independent project recently funded entirely though Kickstarter. 

Since the Kickstarters success, I've been busy selling my art and merchandise online and dreaming up my next projects, which include: 

More Tarot decks-
My vision was always that The Children of Litha actually be the first of a series of at least 4 decks. I plan to also produce "The Children of Ostara", "The Children of Mabon", and "The Children of Yule" as Litha's companion decks. My idea was to create these four decks with the same back, borders, and titles but with entirely new illustrations and themes. That way, if you really didn't connect with one of the cards in your Litha deck, you could seamlessly switch it out for the corresponding card in any of the other 3 remaining sister decks. Potentially, this would allow readers to create a deck completely unique them, but one that is still visually and verbally cohesive. Needless to say, this is a massive undertaking. I will be launching Kickstarters for each deck as I complete the artwork for if you are interested, keep your eyes open! (You can see updates of upcoming cards as they come on my pateron at

Nameless One Tarot and Oracle Deck (WIP name) - 

The Nameless One is my next indie deck project combining sigil, tarot, oracle and visual narrative. It will have 100 cards, (78 of which are based of the tarot) with an extra 22 oracle Arcana and the potential for extra “oracle suits” as Kickstarter stretch goals. The date of the Kickstarter is TBD but I’m hoping to launch within the year. 
Art Book-
I was so moved when I read that some people were interested in a Children of Litha Art Book, especially because I've always wanted to make an art book. So of course I will! I would like to make a 9"X12" hard cover, limited edition art book with a fabric cover and gold embellishments. 
Ideally, I'd like to dedicate one full page to an in depth analysis of the meaning and symbols of each card, and next to it on the other side a full-page color image of that card. 
I'm especially excited by the chance to explain more on the meaning behind the imagery chosen for each card because I have a lot to say about it...much more then I could fit inside the tiny guide book made to fit with the deck. Each card in The Children of Litha Tarot was illustrated specifically FOR tarot and they are all packed with symbolism- even if you don't recognize it all at first blush. Even the pip cards which feature only animals (instead of animals with people like in the courts, or animals combined with people as in most of the majors) contain many clues to their meaning. The animals chosen, the colors used, the things in their environments that the animals interact with -and even the placement of the suits- all these things were thought over and implemented with purpose as symbols of their meanings. In fact- even that they are only animals has to do with their meanings! Spoiler alert: It's to denote their place in the hierarchy of the deck (more on that in the book haha). So I'd love to get into that for those of you curious about it.
Potential stretch goals for the art book:
I thought a coloring book and/or a tarot journal might be fun...More enamel pins, sticker sheets of the cards... I've heard some people ask for jumbo decks, and some people ask for mini-decks...Which of these (if any) would you be interested in?