Serene Waters Talisman

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Serene Waters Talisman

Materials: Electroformed (in copper) a fish cast in brass with calming blue Opal, matte Lemurian Quartz Crystal point, blue lace Agate beads (on chain). 


This beautiful, hand made, one of a kind “Serene Waters” Talisman embodies the water element and brings to its wearer wisdom and emotional intelligence.  
The beautiful Blue Opal has been long cherished as a great healing gemstone. It is said to release tension and to bring peacefulness.  A tranquil fish jumps over it, symbolizing hidden wisdom and motivations, intuition, and the hidden higher self. 
These sit upon a Lemurian quartz crystal, similar to clear quartz in that it is also a "master healer" said to amplify the properties of the other crystals it's near. The chain is wire-wrapped with small Blue Lace Agate gemstones. 

Measurements: the chain is adjustable to max length of 34” and the pendant is 4” long and 1.75” wide

* PLEASE NOTE: The gemstones  in this piece are very lovely, but it is difficult to capture some if their nuances with a camera. Additionally, lighting and differences in camera or monitor settings may affect the color shown in pictures. These materials and gemstones are natural and have been lovingly crafted by mother earth, so small imperfections are to be celebrated and accepted. Please feel free to email me with any questions!