Moon Clarity Talisman

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Moon Clarity Talisman

Materials: Amazonite , clear quartz, Electroformed in copper

This beautiful talisman  features an amazonite orb atop a clear crystal point.

Amazonite is a wonderful blue-green stone, said to Promote wealth, luck, and good fortune, help one set boundaries and self-advocate, promote feminine or Moon power, and facilitate effective communication. It is a fantastic stone to use for both relationships and spiritual development because it strengthens our heart’s connection to our mind, allowing us to pull that which is deep within the subconscious mind and pull it into the light of conscious awareness. It helps us understand our feelings, and communicate them in ways that are understood by others. Surely there is nothing more fortunate than the ability to know ourself, and express that knowing to another.


clear quartz is considered a “master healer”, as it restores, amplifies, and harmonizes energies around it . Said to Protect and purify, Amplify the energies of all other stones around it, and can be “programmed” to substitute for any other crystal.

This pendant comes on a hand wire wrapped copper chain with Amazonite beads. Chain measures 36” (adjustable) and pendant is 4” long and 1.5” at widest point.