Forest Witch Moss Agate and Labradorite Talismans Electroformed Copper Necklaces/Alter Pieces

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I personally hand-selected each of these Moss Agate towers for their unique "spiritual song" that sang to me. Some have milky white shimmer, some interesting druzys, some deep emerald swirls, and all are captivating and unique. To me, Moss Agate always evokes the feeling of walking through a dense evergreen forest, dappled in dewdrops or snow, stopping to inhale the breathtaking beauty Mother Nature bestows upon us. I love the pairing with these "keyhole" cut labradorite stones, all of which have just amazing flash that is very difficult to capture with a camera. I image they are a hidden portal to some transformative realm that lies just beyond our consciousness. Of course, my signature talisman would not be complete without a quartz cluster to magnify the power of the piece.  

Moss Agate -  As with any green crystal, Moss Agate invites prosperity, success, and monetary wealth. Helps to connect one with the powers of nature and the abundance of the Earth.

Labradorite - Provides spiritual and psychic protection, tempers negativity, and aids in transformation, spiritual growth, and magickal endeavors. 

Quartz - Magnifies and amplifies the power of any other crystals or gemstones it is near.  

Note: You can find a lot more information on Gemstone Correspondences in the Companion Grimoire for The Nameless One (a Tarot & Oracle deck).






Electroformed art is naturally one of a kind and impossible to recreate. It's a plating technique that uses chemistry and electricity to permanently encase the piece in copper. Copper is an essential nutrient for the body. Together with iron, it enables the body to form red blood cells. It improves circulation and helps maintain healthy bones, blood vessels, nerves, and immune function. It may naturally react to the wearer's body chemistry to form a unique and beautiful patina over time. 

Note that these pieces are not sealed, meaning they may naturally color and patina as they interact with your skin and the elements. Do not use water or harsh cleaners. Gently rub a soft cloth with a bit of metal polish should restore the finish. 


Please note that the colors of the product might vary slightly due to different monitor adjustments. Please take that into account before ordering.

Contact me with any questions, concerns or requests!

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