Crystal Insights Talisman Electroformed Necklaces

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Crystal point talismans are ideal spiritual companions as they help to ground our thoughts and hone our insights, while guarding against negativity energy. Each of these crystal point necklaces are unique, one-of-a-kind, and their strengths manifest in slightly different ways. 

1) Small clear quartz point, with a double-sided labradorite eye (small round gemstone on each side) electroformed in copper. Clear quartz is considered a universal healer and can be programmed with specific intentions according to your needs. It protects against negativity and enhances the power of other gemstones. Labradorite, known as the Shaman's stone, links us to the spiritual world, encouraging us to reach for the stars and explore our inner depths.  Measurements: On a simple copper chain (apx. 31" long), pendant apx. 3" long.

2) Small clear quartz point with a sweet little amethyst in electroformed copper nest. Amethyst is a very spiritual stone, excellent for promoting relaxation, restful sleep, and enhancing intuition. Next to clear quartz, it is regarded one of the most powerful and versatile healing crystals. Chain measures apx. 32" and pendant is 2.5" long. 

3) Clear Tourmalinated Quartz point (clear Quartz with black Tourmaline inclusions) with a black Tourmaline atop, featuring a flashy blue labradorite is a highly protective talisman.  It not only transmutes negativity into positivity, it is also regarded as a remover of obstacles, clearing the way to manifest your greatest desires. The chain has wire-wrapped black tourmaline rondelles, and is apx. 38", with a lobster clasp to allow for adjustable lengths. The pendent measures 3.75" long and 1.5 wide at the widest points. 

4) Long, tapered Angel-Aura quartz point with a clear quartz crescent moon and moonstone cabochon and wire-wrapped beads. This talisman, moonstone combined with Angel Aura quartz gives it a sweet and nurturing energy that lifts your spirit and cleanses your aura of negativity. It promotes serenity and positivity. The chain is wire-wrapped with moonstone rondelles and is apx. 32" and the pendant is almost 6" long and and 1.5" wide (at the widest point). 

5) Thick Angel-Aura quartz point adorned with  magnificent natural sparkle sunstone, and topped with a clear quartz cluster. Angel aura quarts adds whimsy and levity to the soul, promoting peace, serenity, and happiness. Sunstone compels us to see the bright side, and is said to increase our energy, and stimulates the metabolism. Clear quartz meanwhile is considered the stone of the  the universal healer, and amplifies the energies and properties of all surrounding crystals. The chain is  is apx. 32" and the pendant is almost 3.5" long and and 2.5" wide (at the widest point). 

6) Small clear quartz point electroformed with a sweet blue flash Labradorite and an simple copper chain. This little talisman combines the natural healing energies  of clear quarts and amplifies the properties of the labradorite, which help us in staying safe and grounded and we explore the subconscious and spiritual planes, during our search for deeper understanding. The chain is  is apx. 32" and the pendant is almost 2" long and and 1.5" wide (at the widest point). 

7) This simple but sweet talisman is made of a small rutilated quartz electroformed in copper which has been made to form a unique crescent moon design where it connects to the chain. Rutilated quarts helps us see the bigger picture, and illuminates truth. It enhances our intuition and cleanses the aura. The chain is  is apx. 30" long, made of copper and Pyrite rosery chain, which is a stone that aids in manifestation and attracts wealth and luck.  The pendant is almost 2" long and and 3/4" wide (at the widest point).  

* PLEASE NOTE: The gemstones  in these pieces are very lovely, but it is difficult to capture some of their nuances with a camera. Additionally, lighting and differences in camera or monitor settings may affect the color shown in pictures. These materials and gemstones are natural and have been lovingly crafted by mother earth, so small imperfections are to be celebrated and accepted. Please feel free to email me with any questions!