Large Handmade Herbal/Floral Smudge Wands

Large Handmade Herbal/Floral Smudge Wands

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Handmade from my garden, these beautiful herbal and floral smudge wands are almost too beautiful to burn. They smell amazing and look lovely! I have them hanging from the doorknobs above my work table where I wrap up orders and the scent wafts into every package! They are made from a variety of flowers and herbs...everyone is a little bit different (whatever is blooming when I get the urge to make them.) They might include: sage, rosemary, lavender, thyme, chamomile, mint, oregano, roses, and marigolds. I bind them with organic cotton twine and all my plants are organic pesticides or round-up is ever used in my garden.

Quantities are limited as it takes several weeks to months to grow and dry the materials. If you have a specific request as to what herbs/flowers you would like, just let me know at and I'll do my best to accommodate. 

Note: These wands re much larger than typical smudge sticks....average size is 10-11" long and about 3" diameter. 

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