Handmade Sunstone Gemstone Pendulum

Handmade Sunstone Gemstone Pendulum

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Handmade Sunstone Pendulum

Please note, all sunstone pendulums are hand made, one at a time and specially for you! The sunstone points themselves are all beautiful, unique, natural and from the earth...as such there are slight variations in size and color. Pendulum points measure from approx. 1"-2"

~*~*~*~*~Properties of sunstone ~*~*~*~*~

Did you know that The Titan god Helios, who pulled the sun across the sky in his flaming chariot each day, was also a god of prophecy? According to the ancient Greeks, the mighty Sun god was both good natured and all seeing. The sunstone perfectly embodies this wise but cheerful deity! Said to bring joy, release mental, physical, and spiritual blockages, sunstone is the perfect gem to divine the truth while protecting one from negative energies. Sunstone helps us make peace with the past and promotes optimism and fun. Sunstone offers clarity and support in emotionally dark and stressful environments.

PLEASE NOTE: I only have a limited quantity available as I source the pendulums in small batches and hand make each one. I do not know when/if I will be able to get more once we run out, but I am sourcing other gemstone pendulums and plan on making more in the future.


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