Handmade Rose Quartz and Amazonite Gemstone Pendulum

Handmade Rose Quartz and Amazonite Gemstone Pendulum

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Please note, all pendulums are hand made, one at a time and specially for you! The pendulum points themselves are all beautiful, unique, natural and from the earth...as such there are slight variations in size and color. Pendulum points measure from approx. 1"-2" long.

~*~*~*~*~Properties of Rose Quartz and Amazonite~*~*~*~*~

Rose Quartz: Called the Heart Stone, Rose Quartz may have been used as a love token as early as 600 B.C. and is still an important talisman of relationships. It is quite effective in attracting new love, romance and intimacy, or in developing a closer bond with family or friends. It supports connection within groups and community, and carries a high spiritual attunement to the Earth, Universe, and the Divine.

Amazonite: Helps us to set and maintain personal boundaries, move beyond fear and judgment, and encourages calm and articulate communication. It is also said to heal, protect, and inspire creativity and good fortune! Moonstone and labradorite meanwhile both help to awaken our intuition and harness out true and hidden power. 


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